What information do I need to provide for my release?

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When you release a EP or Album, you’ll need to provide stuff like album artwork, artist name, artist photo, trademarks, song and album titles, and some other information. Make sure you own all the necessary rights to this information.

If there’s a mistake with this information, our support team will get in touch to fix any errors. The sooner you correct 'em, the sooner your release will go live!

Everything you enter gets saved in your track as metadata. We'll format it all the right way for you


You need to have worldwide rights on all music, lyrics, instrumental and/or vocal performances included in your work.

If you don’t have these rights in any country or region, we won’t be able to deliver your release to stores.

Sampling is a popular way to create music now a days and we get that, but releasing a track with a sample from, say a James Brown track is not legal.

Recordings from the public domain can be used, and most forms of US government issued communications can also be sampled.

Generally speaking a piece falls into the public domain 70 years after the death of the original author. Unless you have the proper license from the original creator or owner of the copyright, cannot distribute and monetize your creation.


You can now share your live releases directly with listeners on both Facebook and Twitter.

Simply click "Share" to connect to your Facebook and/or Twitter account. You'll be able to share to one Facebook page and one Twitter account at a time.

Every time you share, you also get a custom-built Promolink to help promote your content on your social media anywhere, anytime.

You'll be able to personalize both your Promolink message and artwork, so everything you post will reflect you and your work.